What To expect from This Summer/Winter 2019 anime season – PART II

Hey Guys. And welcome to the second part of my list of… What to expect from this Summer/Winter 2019 season. And I apologise for not writing in a long time. I was very diligent doing a lot of work and writing from apart. So I only have time to write my second part right now.

But before I start, let me ask you a question… How are you guys doing? Happy? If you are happy, then I am happy.

Having said that, let’s continue, and welcome to…



azur lane anime.png

I must be honest with this one. At first, I have absolutely no idea of what I was getting into the first time I get immersed in Azur Lane… Until now, where I read the synopsis and I saw…

“Set in an alternative timeline, in World War II, where warships are represented as cute girls, fighting for the survival of humankind”

This is KANTAI COLLECTION… Or kind of.

Okay, I am not precisely the person who is obsessed with Japanese warships from World War II, especially after some… “issues” from that country on such a inhuman conflict, that goes for Kantai Collection as well. Nevertheless, I cannot deny my twisted interest on this premise. Furthermore I think the anime of Kantai Collection was a pretty wonderful feel-good anime that you can enjoy, regardless of how bizarre its premise is, especially since, according to Wikipedia, Azur Lane has become as popular as Virtual YouTubers and Fate/Grand Order. 

Anyway, I cannot really tell too much because there are so many characters here, similar to Kantai Collection, but if you guys want something new, something to challenge your expectations, or something from which you can discover a new experience within yourselves, you can try Azur Lane.

Produced by Bibury Studio Animation, Azur Lane was released on October 3, and it will consist in one cour (12 episodes).


radiant II

After a very exciting travel along with Seth, Melie, Alma and the rest of the gang toward the amazing world of Radiant, Studio Lerche (Scum’s Wish, Danganronpa The Animation, Assassination Classroom) decides to give us a big surprise with this new product. Probably we will know more things about the amazing adaptation of the same comic book series written and illustrated by Tony Valente; the downsize part is that, for the newcomers, Radiant will probably require them to watch the whole first season so they can make themselves an idea of what is happening right now, especially since the former comprises 21 episodes.

To be honest, I am still watching the first season. Available in Crunchyroll by the way.

Speaking of Crunchyroll, that is in fact another problem; you really need a subscription to get into the series. But that’s it.

And for the rest… Get ready of a great joyride of great animation, hilarious moments and likeable characters, the perfect recipe for a great winter/summer of 2019 with this second season of Radiant, especially if you are a true fan of Black Clover, such was myself.

But hurry up!!! The second season was released in October 2nd.


shinchou yuusha

Making isekai these days has become such a trend, just like Twitch or Joker, but it is also becoming compulsory for you to use all your creativity, hard work and imagination to create a timeless isekai classic, regardless the genre or tone. That is why we have great stories such as The Rising of the Shield Hero, That Time I got reincarnated as a slime, Re:Zero, and Konosuba among others.

Ironically, we also have some divisive series like Arifureta and Okaasan Online because of the opposite.

With that said, I was very interested in this premise, which I found by sheer luck. And the story goes like this.

“Another world, Gairbrunde, is in danger, and the goddess Listarte, must summon the perfect hero in order to save this world from ultimate destruction. And then she ends up summoning Seiya Ryuguin, the strongest man, the perfect saviour of Gairbrunde. Our hero!”

There is a big problem though… HE IS RIDICULOUSLY CAUTIOUS, TO THE POINT OF BEING VERY INFURIATING. Which leads to many comical situations, and a lot of misadventures for Listarte. One fun fact, Seiya is voiced by Yuichiro Umehara. Don’t know who he is…


Like I said, it is still too soon to see if this is going the next Danmachi, the next Tate no Yuusha, or just a big disappointment. But…


Based on the light novels written by Light Tuchihi, and illustrated by Saori Toyota, Shinchou Yuusha was produced by White Fox, and was released on October 2nd.


Okay guys. I hope you enjoyed these delight entrées… Because I am going to reveal the main dishes.

Speaking of which…


food wars - the fourth plate

Of course there was no way I could forget the anime where food gives you orgasms.  And now Soma Yukihira, our favourite student of Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute, along with the Divine Tongue, Erina Nakiri, and our sweet, wonderful chef from Tohoku, Megumi Tadokoro, will face new challenges in which we will see if they finally earn their well-deserved plates (PUN INTENDED) at the Elite Council of Ten.

And of course we cannot forget the other wonderful chefs, from Alice to Ryo, from Hisako to Akira, from Rindo to Rentaro, from the Aldini brothers to Nao, from Yuki to Zenji. Nonetheless, one thing is for sure.

“We will never have enough from both Satoshi and Urara.”

Let’s be honest!!! If you are a real fan of either anime or food, or both, this is a must-see, especially because J.C. Staff has done a pretty wonderful work in the animation and in adapting the story. With the path of the years, we all have learned to grow with these wonderful students on the quests to become the next Gordon Ramsay of anime (More or less). And also their own cuisines.

And every single season is as amazing, or better, as the previous one, so we can all agree that this is some great buffet we all want to be a part of. So let’s all get ready, skip every food (EVEN BREAKFAST DAMN IT!!) and give yourselves the greatest Oktoberfest with Food Wars. The Fourth Plate!!

Tomorrow, October 11th, is the big day. See you at the closest restaurant.


sao war of the underworld

After that unexpected cliffhanger from the very last episode from SAO Alicization, and the latest victory of Kirito, it is now time for Alice Zuberg to reunite all the remaining Integrity Knights to assemble an army strong enough to defeat the Dark Empire, which will bring the complete destruction of the Underworld.

But they will not be alone; this time, Leafa and Sinon will join, with Asuna of course, who must fight to defeat Gabriel Miller and the evil Dark Empire, and save her love, Kirito, from a terrible destiny, once and for all, in the culmination of the greatest story arc of Sword Art Online so far.

And yes, I said before that Sword Art Online is only for watching it once. But Alicization, under the works and caliber of A-1 Pictures, has proven to be the most solid of all the entries of the masterpiece from Reki Kawahara.

This is one of the anime I need to see so badly. I think I might not be able to sleep well until I discover what is going to happen to Kirito, Asuna, and the Human Empire. Are they going to survive this impending invasion? Will Asuna see Kirito ever again? Will Alice finally recover her life?

And most importantly… Will we ever see our beloved Eugeo?

The answer of all of these questions will appear from this October 12th, unless you count the recap released on October 5th, which for me… No need to watch.

Asuna… Kirito… please find happiness once and for all.


wrath of the gods


Some time has happened since our favourite cursed demon, Meliodas, defeated the nefarious Fraudrin and the infamous Ten Commandments, but there is no time to waste. The Holy War is about to start! And once again, Meliodas and Elizabeth must assemble Ban, King, Diane, Gowther, Merlin, and the all-mighty Escanor, along with the still infamous Holy Knights, once more to survive, and protect the Kingdom of Liones and Camelot at all cost.

In almost no time, the first two seasons of Nanatsu no Taizai has become one of my favourite animes, especially since both were produced by A-1 Pictures. Do you which other great series produced them?

“Your Lie in April”

Well, Wrath of the Gods is produced by Studio Deen, but I do not think that is a problem, especially since I am watching the first episode, and it looks great. I mean… is not A-1 Pictures or anything, but the care is still there.

And there is something I must say… please let me see more of Zeldris and Derieri. And perhaps Melascula? I know they are from the Ten Commandments, but… Come on!!! They all have a place in our hearts.

Don’t you guys agree?


Ok Guys… Now let’s go with the ultimate upcoming anime of this season.

Are you ready? And the winner is…




Come on my friends!! Was there really any doubt about it?

Once more, the Heroes, as well as the greatest students of the UA High School, must fight together to face the terrible and feared Tomura Shigaraki and his League of Villains, as Izuku Midoriya, a.k.a. Deku, still tries to master the amazing Quirk of One for All, especially after the forced retirement of All Might. But he is not alone. At Deku’s side, he has the Big 3 of UA, the top ranked students; Tamaki Amajiki, Nejire-chan and the great disciple of All Might, Mirio Togata.

Without forgetting the adorable Ochako-chan, the powerful, yet caring Tsui (Froppy), the short-tempered Bakugo, our favourite class representative, Tenya (Ingenium), the awesome anime version of Prince Zuko, Shoto Todoroki, and the rest of the Class-1, Deku must face Shigaraki and the dreadful Eight Precepts of Death.

Produced by Studio Bones (Fullmetal Alchemist, Carole & Tuesday), and based on the manga from Kohei Horikoshi, Boku no Hero Academia quickly rose as one of the most popular shonen anime of the recent years, and despite BNHA is now facing competition against awesome opponents such as Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and Black Clover, is still one favourite from all anime fans all over the world.

And things are going to get better with these great season four.

There is no doubt of that.


There you go my friends. All the amazing anime that we can expect on the rest 2019. WOW!!! This was a bigger shock that I expected. Like I said, there are many sweet anime I am looking forward.

And I am sure you guys are as well.

For now, let’s put ourselves comfortable, turn on the TV, or go to Crunchyroll and habve together one hell of a ride.







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